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About Us

About Us

Colorado Garage Door Service, Inc. is the top garage door service provider in the Denver, Colorado area since 1974. We are on speed dial of most residences and commercial establishments for all of their garage door needs. We offer expert repair on all makes and models of doors and operators throughout the Denver, Colorado metro area, including 24-hour emergency response.

As we are a family-owned company local in the area, we are well-knowledgeable of the ins and outs of Colorado making us the number one choice for emergency needs that require quick response. We never disappoint, as a proof of the continuous patronage of our customers who we leave behind satisfied on every garage door service we made. They continue to rank us a grade of A+ for our efficiency and hardwork, and for our team of garage door specialists who welcome their concerns with a friendly smile, and assist them with years of knowledge and experience.

We specialize in both installation and repair of all models of garage doors, garage door openers and any additional hardware. Also we carry a wide range of products to fit every customer needs and budget. Being a local, family owned business, we send to our customers’ homes only in-house employees, not outside sub-contractors. You’ll find our technicians to have a high standard of conduct and take pride in their workmanship.

For your convenience, they even bring with them a truck loaded with all possible garage door parts needed for repair. No need to wait more for a day or two for parts, we have it all in-store for you to reduce hassle especially during late-night troubles.

Colorado Garage Door Service, Inc. also is the only garage door in the industry to have the most advanced tools and technologies for your garage door upgrades. We’ll are known to provide maintenance that will never reflect the age of your garage doors no matter how old it is. We see to it that we leave it only as good as new if not better.

That is high standard service for Colorado Garage Door. Call us now!